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1995 Toyota MR2 Rev 3 G-Limited Kouki - Steel Mist Grey 187 "SMG"

I have a 1995 Toyota MR2 G-Limited Revision 3 Kouki with a rare hardtop in the highly desirable steel mist grey color (187). Original and never modified with only 66,800 miles. These have the much improved revision 3 3SGE engine (Japan / Euro models only) and offer an exhilarating driving experience due to its near perfect weight distribution. At about 250lbs lighter than their T-top turbo counterpart, the Rev 3 MR2 3SGE’s are very quick, extremely agile, and outpaces it's USDM counterpart in almost every aspect.

The N/A 1994-1996 MR2 Rev 3 is for the true MR2 purist!

Make/Model: Toyota MR2 

Color: Steel Mist Grey (187)

Transmission: 5 Speed; RWD

Engine/Power: Rev 3 3SGE; 173 HP

Curb Weight: ~2,500 lbs.

Mileage: ~66k miles


Car Specific Details

Restored round kouki taillights
Restored front lights
New tires 205/55/15
New battery
Color matched moldings and exterior accents
Rare MR2 OE mud flaps
90’s retro Momo steering wheel
5 speed

(Video Walk Around Click Here)

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