Getting financing is easier today than ever before! Funding could be available in less than 48 hours. We make no additional fees if you decide to finance or pay with cash. The four companies below are excellent to work with and are experts in the Collector Car financing space. 

We have partnered with LightStream Loans, Collector Car Lending, J.J. Best Banc & Co. and Woodwide Credit to easily get you financed. Take advantage of the lowest APR's in automobile history by financing today! Down payments as low as $0 or 10% down of vehicle price.

Financing FAQs


We are registered with three financing companies who speacialize in financing classic cars. Financing is provided by them and then you make or request for them to make a check payable to: Lazario Torres

Interest rates

Rates for someone with "good" credit ranges between 3-6%. This is just an estimate and it may be lower or higher depending on your credit history.

What type of credit do I need?

Typically you need a credit score of atleast 650 with a good payment history. Down payments are typically around 10% of the purchase price. Adding a strong cosigner also improves your chances of getting approved. Apply for financing today to find out!

Questions about financing

It's usually a good idea to complete financing with all three companies at the same time if you're interested in financing. This allows you to compare rates to make sure you get best available rate.