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Nissan Stagea 25t RS Four V S2 (ATTESA 4WD)

The new Series 2 (S2) WGNC34 turbo Stagea is now USA legal. These feature a redesigned turbo inline 6 RB25DET NEO also found in the Nissan Skyline R34 Turbo and this particular Stagea (RS Four V S2) features the desirable ATTESA 4WD system identical to the one found in the Nissan Skyline GT-R. The S2 turbo Stagea also comes with a new 4 speed tip-tronic sport gearbox to better apply power throughout the entire rev range and it allows you to manually control your gears for maximum horsepower output. In fact, these are capable of running over 500hp on stock internals making the new tip-tronic sport gearbox a must to handle big power.

One of the most sought-after ultra-sports wagons ever made in one of the most rare colors ever. The perfect clean slate super sports wagon to build to your liking

Rare EV1 Lightning Yellow 1 of 200 

0.73% color code (GT-R Registry)

RB25DET NEO (R34 Turbo Engine)

66k Original Miles (Serial # 1405581)

Original RS Four V (ATTESA 4WD)

Original RS Four V S2 Dayz Aero Kit

Original RS Four V S2 Wheels

Original RS Four V S2 Interior

Original Turbo Drivetrain (No Mods)

Slicktop Model (No Sunroof)

New Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Oil

4 New Goodyear Sport 2 Tires

4 Speed Tip-Tronic Sport Gearbox

Excellent Condition

YouTube Walk-Around Video

New Listing As of 01/10/2024!



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