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  • Where to Start? How To Purchase a Lion JDM Vehicle
    If you're thinking about financing, the first step is to secure funding. After funding is secured, you make the financing check payable to Lion Jdm Imports. Personal checks will never be accepted. Cashiers check (check provided by your bank) are also accepted. Cash will only be accepted inside a bank.
  • Vehicle Walkaround
    We expect that a large portion of our vehicles will be unseen beyond online pictures or videos. For serious buyers only, we will due a brief live mobile walk-around.
  • Can You Import a Car Newer Than 25 Years Old?
    No. The car must be exactly 25 years old from the month of production and not the year of the vehicle stated on the title. Therefore, if it's January 2020, only cars produced on January 1995 or older could be imported.
  • Do Cars Come With Warranty? Returns?
    No. Since the cars we import are 25 years or older we can't offer warranty. All of our cars are inspected to the best of our abilities before being sold to the customer. You are free to bring a mechanic with you before purchase. No. Returns are not accepted after purchase.
  • Can You Ship The Car To Me?
    Yes! But the shipping is done by a 3rd party company and not by us directly.
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