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1994 Mitsubishi Pajero 4M40 Turbo Diesel-  Rare 5 Speed M/T

1994 Mitsubishi Pajero XR-2 Exceed with a factory 4M40 2.8L intercooled turbo diesel engine mated to a rare and desirable 5 speed manual transmission! Many Mitsubishi overlanders agree that the 2.8L is arguably the best diesel engine ever made by Mitsubishi Motors and is considered a major upgrade over the smaller 2.5L engine. The 2.8L TD is no slouch and is also known to cover hundreds of thousands of miles with just basic maintenance further reaffirming its power and reliability. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see these with over 350,00 - 400,000 km's regularly in Japan. The Pajero is just as reliable and arguably more robust than it’s Toyota counterparts and could be purchased for a fraction of the cost. The Pajero line started in the Dakar rally and won 12 national events due to an advanced selectable 4WD system along with exceptional in cabin shock adjustment settings that outmaneuvered the competition. This is an excellent off-road and overlanding rig that will last you a lifetime and is in 100% stock condition as if it rolled off the factory floor.


Car Specific Details

Factory Rainguards

Factory Sidesteps

Factory mudflaps & mudguards

Factory taillights guard

Pajero Spare Tire Cover

Hi-Lo Towing / Climbing Gears

Advanced Selectable 4WD System

Factory Altimeter, Inclinometer, Compass / Thermometer

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