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Toyota MR2 GT-S Rev 3 

1995 Toyota MR2 for sale:


Toyota's prominent 90's mid-engine rear wheel drive sports coupe, the MR2 received many upgrades each year improving the powertrain and chassis almost every year of production. The JDM Revision 3 MR2 GT-S became legal to import less than 6 months ago, and comes equipped with a 245 horsepower turbo-charged engine (3S-GTE) with factory equipped LSD. This right-hand-drive MR2 only has 75,148 verified miles and comes in Steel Mist Grey "SMG" and is arguably the nicest color the MR2 ever came in. The Japanese version also cames with updated aero styling and the new rounded "kouki" tail lights. This car is an absolute gem and will turns heads everywhere you go. Reserve this Japanese classic today for only $1,000 before it's gone.

RESERVED $15,400

Make: Toyota

Color: Solar Steel Mist Grey "SMG" (Original)

Transmission: Manual; LSD

Turbo/Power: Yes; 245 HP

Mileage: 75,148 (Verified)

Revision Model: 3

Est. Monthly Payments: $215

Car Specific Details

The 1994 GT-S Rev 3's most notable upgrade was to the turbo engine now putting out 245 horsepower versus 200 and new internals able to hold much more boost than it's predecessors. A/C blows very cold. 


TRD exhaust

HKS intake

HKS mushroom filter

White face gauge cluster

MOMO orange steering wheel

Strut brace

Enkei Sports with machined lip (stagerred setup)

New tires

Needs a new radio unit.

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