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1995 Toyota Celsior 

Available today at Lion JDM Imports is this rare Star Sapphire Pearl (8L1). 1995 Toyota Celsior Type C UCF21. The Type C is the highest option in it's class and includes all features from the Type A and Type B. This car has only had 1 owner from new and has a mere 50k miles from factory and was likely elderly owned. 


This car rides as if it rolled out the factory floor and runs quieter than a modern luxury car. In fact, these were used as luxurious chauffeur cars in Japan with an emphasis on comfort. The late 1994 models and onward increased insulation to keep cabin noise to a minimum along with a few other tweaks to improve from its predecessor the UCF10. 

These also come with one of the best engines produced by Toyota which were used on small aircrafts and are popular swaps today for rear wheel drive sports cars. This is your chance to own a piece of real Japanese luxury with an awesome bullet proof V8 4.0L engine.


Est. Monthly Payments: $175

Make/Model: Toyota; Celsior 

Color: Rare Sapphire Blue Two-Tone

Transmission: Automatic; RWD; Automatic

Engine/Power: 1UZFE; 260 HP ; 270 TQ

Mileage: 50K (Original & Verified)

Car Specific Details

One of the key features of the UCF21 is that it comes with GPS navigation and ultra smooth air suspension.


Video walkaround:

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