1997 Toyota Celsior Spec-B eR Version

Available today is this Ebony Tea Pearl (Dark Green Metallic Black) 1997 Toyota Celsior Spec-B eR Version with ultra-rare factory black leather interior, sunroof, wood grain accents, and black-charcoal-tan carpets and more. It's estimated that around 1% of Celsiors received this color scheme package making it one of the more desired Celsiors ever made.

The Toyota Celsiors were at or near the top of Japanese luxury in the 90's. In fact, they run quieter than a modern luxury car. These were used as luxurious chauffeur cars in Japan with an emphasis on comfort. The new UCF20 's also increased insulation to keep cabin noise to a minimum along with a few other suspension tweaks to improve from its predecessor the UCF10 and UCF11. This Celsior comes without the air suspension setup which are notorious for leaks, sagging, and unbalanced ride height. Aftermarket coilovers for the non air suspension Celsiors like this one are plentiful making this the ideal setup for a stance build or an ultra-smooth reliable daily as is.

The JDM UCF20 Celsiors come with one of the best engines ever produced by Toyota (1UZ-FE) and are actually used in small aircraft engines. Commonly referred to as a "bullet proof" Toyota V8, this Celsior has barely been broken in yet. This would make the perfect JDM daily, VIP build, or drift build.

Description in the works............

Available Today: $15,400
Est. Monthly Payments: $249

Car Specific Details

Original Black Ebony Tea Pearl Two-Tone

Black Leather Interior

Sunroof Model

Woodgrain Interior

VIP Work Wheels? (Brand & Or Model Not Confirmed)

Factory Cruise Control

Factory Window Rain Guards


Factory Wool Interior

Rear Wheel Drive




Walk-Around Videos Available For Potential Buyers