1992 Toyota Aristo 3.0v Twin Turbo 2JZ-GTE

The JDM Toyota Aristo shares an almost identical chassis to a JZA80 Toyota Supra in a 4-door sedan form! It's powered by the same engine as a twin turbo Toyota Supra RZ (2JZ-GTE). In fact, the JDM Aristo is the most common swap into non-turbo MK4 Toyota Supra's today.


Capable of safely running 800-900 hp on stock internals, makes this the ultimate sleeper sedan and is easily the best bang for buck JDM import on the market.

Make/Model: Toyota; Aristo 

Color: Silver (199)

Transmission: Automatic; RWD; Automatic

Engine/Power: 2JZGTE; 300 HP

Mileage: 73K (Original & Verified)

Odometer Validation Serial # Included



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